The classes are welcoming, well organised and varied. Lorna is a very attentive teacher with a good understanding of each person’s ability. The class size means that there is time for individual attention. I feel my own progress has been carefully monitored and that I am supported in improving at an appropriate pace. Classes are friendly, fun and relaxing.
I joined Pilates after being recommended Pilates to help me exercise following a back injury, and I already feel it is helping to improve my strength and stability. I really enjoy the variety of the sessions and Lorna is a very clear teacher. I value the fact that class sizes are kept small: it almost feels like individual tuition, with Lorna able to be very attentive to your movements. This reassures me I’m doing the exercises correctly and not at risk of injuring myself. Sessions are structured so you work at a level suitable for your, but can also be challenged to progress to more difficult exercises as you are able.
In my own candid opinion, I do describe fibromyalgia as an unwanted house sharer who has come to stay and can’t be ejected no matter how you try and unfortunately it doesn’t come alone, it’s got its siamese twin called chronic fatigue. The two are horrible and killing. In my case, fibromyalgia affects every part of my body. I feel as if someone is using a hammer to hit every part of my body every second and thereafter squeezed me into a small bucket with a lid on it. This makes me to feel as if my whole body is stitched together. And chronic fatigue is not making it any easier. I feel exhausted all the time and I don’t want to lift a finger. It’s been so bad to the extent that I became suicidal. No medication works for fibromyalgia nor for chronic fatigue. My support worker suggested that I try pilates and I was wondering how real this could be with my pain and chronic fatigue? Where am I going to get the energy to do any physical exercises? But in January 2019, I gave it a go and I have never looked back since then. I have described fibromyalgia as an unwanted house sharer and Since it can’t be ejected, I realized that I can make it’s stay very uncomfortable and the only way to do that is by engaging in physical exercise like pilates. Was very uncomfortable initially, but with time, one’s body gets used to it. And ironically, physical exercise deals with both fibromyalgia as well as chronic fatigue. Since fibromyalgia isn’t curable and no medication relieves one of chronic fatigue, the ONLY WAY OUT is to be regularly engaged in physical exercises which must become another house sharer whether one likes it or not. In a nutshell, I have learned to make life uncomfortable for my two unwanted house sharers- fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue by doing pilates no matter how exhausted I feel. Florence